WHO: Alicia Quan
WHAT: Blogger and Social Media Butterfly
WHERE: Vancouver

What compelled you to start your blog, Alicia Fashionista?
I started my blog back in 2008 as an online journal that basically 3 other people read.  I also happened to be working in the fashion industry at the time and once I realized I could combine fashion and blogging, things started taking off. It’s great being able to tap into a creative outlet that involves my love for styling, marketing, writing, and photography. It was meant to be!

7902025048_ec7802557e_zWhat has been your favourite brand to collaborate with?
This is a tough one because I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands.  I’d have to say RACHEL Rachel Roy.  The campaign was so in line with what I love and every step of the journey was immensely enjoyable thanks to NKPR and the RRR team at The Bay.

AliciaYou launched your social media company in 2011. Tell us about Capital Q.
Oh gosh, where do I begin?  I saw an opportunity a few years ago to offer other small businesses help with their social media, since we all know how time consuming and overwhelming it can be for business owners.  Through the network I’d built, I ended up having a few clients right off the bat and things have been so wonderful ever since.  I get to become an online and in-person ambassador for these local brands and get creative with some truly inspiring people.  Capital Q is something that I never thought possible, but I just love every second of “work” it involves.

1379387_381381075327759_1425909668_nWhat does a typical workday look like for you?
The really cool thing about my job is that every single day is unique and exciting.  I always start with coffee and emails and usually work my way through everyone’s social to make sure things are on track for the day.  Between the blog and client work, there’s a ton of time spent behind a computer screen and for that reason, I try to plan at least one meeting every day.  Whether it’s a client site visit or a networking coffee date, I like to guarantee that I’m out being social in person as well.   And though my hours are flexible, I do often have to work evenings and weekends. I think it’s a fair trade though.

10427077046_839cfcf439_zWhat is your favourite thing about the career path you’ve chosen?
Besides the flexible hours, I have to say it’s all the people I’ve met.  It’s not a typical office setting, so I get to network more than the average person.  Through the blog and Capital Q, I’ve been introduced to so many great businesses and people who are following their dreams and living the life they’d always imagined.  It’s liberating and incredibly terrifying carving your own career path, so it’s nice to know that you’re among great company who will support you when needed.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to work in social media?
I would probably tell them to get very well acquainted with Hootsuite, because it will soon be your new best friend!

8244111294_6c1f0e0043_zWhere would we find you on an ideal Sunday?
Yoga and then brunch.  There’s no better way to spend a Sunday!

Lastly, who in your life inspires you most?
As I’d mentioned, I’m all for empowering my fellow entrepreneurs, but if I had to pick one person it’s my fiancé, Adam.  I’ve never met anyone who works as hard as he does, and yet he never brings any stress home and somehow still has the time to be a great partner.  I am constantly in awe of him and his work ethic, and one day, I hope to be as successful as he is.

11195834485_33322649f6_zPhoto by Christie Graham


Homer Street Café in the winter
& Reflections at Hotel Georgia in the summer


New York

Medium Roast or
Non-Fat Vanilla Latte as a treat

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara
and a killer red lipstick

WEBSITE: aliciafashionista.com
TWITTER: @604fashionista
INSTAGRAM: @aliciafashionista 

8805580680_5fd50e1ecc_zImages courtesy of Alicia Quan

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