You can tell a lot about a person by whats on their bookshelf. I always enjoy seeing what my friends have on theirs – a curated collection of beloved books they’ve gathered over the years. Every home needs a book shelf.

My book shelf is filled with many fashion book references, PR & marketing text books, beach reads, Vegertarian cook books, biographies and so much more. I like the idea of chachkas displayed in amongst the books. 

I often give books as presents, and put a post it inside with the date & occasion. You can pick a book you know they will enjoy & its something they will keep for years (hopefully)

This weekend, I’m going through my bookshelves, reorganizing, & figuring out which ones to display. The images above are a collection of inspiration I’ve gathered. I especially enjoy the idea of colour coordinating the books. I need to grow my collection a little bit more before I can do that – I’m working on it.

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