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I loved this pastel pink display of the fashion books at Chapters. Harper’s Bazaar Greatest Hits, Chanel & Vogue’s latest hardcopy editions are displayed amongst pretty feminine candles, fragrances & scarves, making them even more tempting !  I have a weakness for large scale coffee table books. Especially on the subject of fashion photography.



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I picked up this gold wrap bracelet from Club Monaco this week. It’s the cheap & cheerful version of Chan Luu’s wrap bracelets. LOVE Chan Luu’s designs, but for a bracelet I’m just going to end up stacking with a ton of others, this achieves the look.

Today I stacked it with a blue Rachel Roy string pendant bracelet, and my rose gold Michael Kors watch.

I’ve been wanting a wrap bracelet for a while, and will probably end up splurging on a fancy Chan Luu one at some point. I’ll add it to my wish list !

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