Location: The Hub at the Hudson Hotel
Music: Mix of underground Hip Hop and Jay Z
Front Row Attendees: Early arrivals- With no set seating all attendees had the chance to be front row.

Grungy Gentleman started as a blog not so many years ago and has now grown into a successful e-commerce site, debuting its premier collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Set at The Hub at the Hudson Hotel, the venue had the cool, laid-back vibe you would expect, with low lights, a fresh mix of hip hop playing and the runway set in the middle of the show room.

Handsomely rugged models took to the runway to present the collaborative collection by CEO of Grungy Gentleman Jace Lipstein and sports brand Mitchell & Ness. Tailored pants and fresh sneakers we mixed with hoodies and trenches, and branded tees and blazers. The colour palette was kept traditionally masculine with navy, burgundy and greys. The models brought personality to the collection and looked comfortable and confident with the styling.

Attendees loved the show, taking to the runway immediately after to photograph the collection and begin the party that included an impromptu dance battle between models. It was a very successful launch for the brand, leaving the Grungy Gentleman mark on Fashion Week.

Review by Jessica Thompson
Images courtesy of the brand

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