Marissa Web’s Fall 2014 collection speaks to the woman who loves to work as much as she loves to let loose. Outfits made of tweed, leather, gray marl cloth and fur introduce the show and encompass the traditional New Yorker. A neutral palette of black, white, cream, and grey make for a tight and streamlined collection of first outfits.

The show changes pace as the clothes transform into something more relaxed and easy-going; a woman at the end of the work week and looking to wear something a little more comfortable and feel a little more liberated. Trousers get more relaxed, jackets become oversized and silks are draped. The styling evokes a feeling of effortless sexy.

The most rousing part in this Fall collection, by far, are the unexpected vibrant red pieces. To go from a neutral and subdued colour palette to using an extreme colour as red is unexpected and endearing. Worn with black leather and strappy red pointed heels, the woman transforms before our eyes from everyday city girl to confident femme fatale. The final outfit consisting of a V-neck sweater and full, floor length skirt both in red is easily Marissa Web’s finest of the entire collection.

Launching her line only last year, Marissa Webb’s credentials (educated at FIT, working at J.Crew for a decade) have clearly done her well. Her Fall 2014 collection shows an effortlessness in three prominent types of women: the professional working woman, the playful and confident city girl, and finally the woman who exudes sexiness without being blatant.

Review by Robyn Yager
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