WHO: Nadia Albano
WHAT: Owner/ Principal Stylist at Nadia Albano Style Inc
WHERE: #4 1874 W. 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC

10269639_600293940045050_5238171186662836249_nHow did you become a style and beauty expert?
It’s a bit of a long story.  There were a series of events that led me to become a style and beauty “expert”.  I worked in the beauty and fashion industry for over 15 year and have advised on countless fashion shows, weddings and editorial shoots.  Through the years, while freelancing as a makeup artist and stylist, I worked with several leading beauty and fashion houses, including Estee Lauder, Club Monaco, Aritzia, Holt Renfrew Salon and Spa, and Make Up For Ever, to name a few. Those experiences lead me to Vancouver Community College, where I founded and taught the Makeup Artistry Certificate Program since 2006.

I was thrilled to have been invited to travel to Toronto to take part in a reality T.V. show on the W Network called, “The Ultimate W Network Expert Search”, where I made it to the top 2 spot.  I opened my first studio in 2011, which was located on Granville Street, in the heart of Downtown, Vancouver, at which point I began writing a weekly makeover column in The Province Newspaper along with my national contributor role with the Toronto Sun, 24Hr Newspaper and Perfect Wedding Magazine.  And here we are today.  It’s been quite a ride and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

party-0277-1024x682What services do you provide at Style Inc.?
Nadia Albano Style Inc is full service, one-stop-shop.  We provide all types of hair services including haircuts, colors, highlights, ombre, and Kerasilk smoothing.   We provide special occasion hair and makeup services for all events, and specialize in local and destination weddings.  We also offer on-on-one makeup lesson, personal shopping services and ultimately specialize in full makeovers.

KF7Qxd9L4b1vuYusf0xqDlNbROzKttnl5jTtYu1y7_A,D3q7OQQYmZzp5eBLu5pvSu8v6Hd0asvtFHehgFeAktc,y2F7RtzP92ZYuQ3PrAis7-wey_nGkB248b4v42IadDkWhat is the idea behind ‘Nadittude’ ?
The idea behind Nadittude™ is to encourage women in finding personal style that complements their personal and professional goals.  It combines my courageous enthusiasm and vision, with a positive and healthy attitude toward their self image.  It’s all about having the right attitude, or rather; hair, makeup and style with Nadittude™!

N_9nFu5m6fTHHh-N4bMBJVFWDiArpnM1QvYBTZ_EwFU,LfRvxsN0wqYfMBxgtlIOtEhxA1nc0WuYZX64CoI5JlAWhat beauty items should all women have in their make up bag?
All women should have the following items in their makeup bag.  Everything else is bonus! Moisturizer, foundation and or concealer, bronzer, lip gloss, mascara.

oqsS8W_4qLxK-Dyi26SBFKyjMfgCsT_eokWR3dAT15Y,YLK9gHrjis3UXEOYD9S462Oz7sI38f-mx_Ibrmo_za4,YFBo91_deWOQEarZrDgpYcSsoMG_KgG_SSy7mZLUPusWhat three fashion trends do you love for summer?

  1. Everything and anything orange!
  2. Midriff exposed tops
  3. Skate shoes

10445554_616825958391848_7862822582407456586_nWhat advice would you give our readers when shopping for new wardrobe items?
When readers are shopping for a new wardrobe, I’d ask them to consider my 7 Style Sacraments™:

  1. SASS™ – Shop According to your Style and Silhouette
  2. DLDB™ – The perfect outfit has a balance of something Dark, Light, Dull, Bright
  3. 5C’s – Determine your style category.  Some of us fall into more than just one, ie. Casual, Classic, Chic, Charming, Couture.
  4. W.O.R.K – Essentials™ – Dress for your mood, environment and occasion ie. Weekend, Office, Recreation, K’night
  5. Ship, Shape, Shop! – When editing your wardrobe, each season, remember to: #1. Ship the items that no longer work for your lifestyle and body type to your local thrift store or shelter. #2. Keep the items that work for your Shape and maximize them.  #3. Shop for only the things that are missing in your wardrobe.  “Take what you want and want what you take!”
  6. 5-in-Five – Be beautiful and keep it simple.  Create a flawless face in five minutes by using: primer, foundation, bronzer, mascara and lipstick.  It’s easy, natural and polished!
  7. 3 P’s – Prime, Prep & Polish. Great hair can only be achieved with the right products.  Using the right shampoo, styling and finishing products, for your hair type, will lead you to hair heaven!

-WKwgbcp_n77XKNANIUfBCl_d-5R_RWstIlASx2UrhQ,H5p0_No1H218oMaAfhUiJkL-kiXxkbSgmcokW_GeL_c,JvW41HnqMJn1HKJjNIZz58ZCNLxolVJ0sa3DcB5w9xw,kiZwIhgrNTZK-7IZAmf11UkFBB_Fsi-1TbBD3hGqkqEWhat do you enjoy most about your career?
The thing I love most about my career is that every day offers something new.  There is never a dull moment and I learn so much about life through my clients and colleagues.  Plus, it never feels like work!

735786_10152374412290408_1239469833_oNadia’s Favorites

My favorite place to relax and unwind in Vancouver is Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is also our home away from home!

My favorite coffee drink is espresso.

Make Essentials: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #118, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer #3 and Nars Bronzer in “Laguna”

My favorite City for street style is Paris, hands down!

My favorite beauty icon is Sophia Lauren.

23N6l-9n3LyaqI07z7O7-L2WnV3hO9B2HHz2nG8vCwc,FG-gR9l52EI8GpLtroLJUsKa5uw0kL3dfez_DXrgWKU,YR-UoIVnNK83zaJUbI0k9yCvzqwwIHhDZyyRIm4untMFor more information on Nadia Albano Style Inc, visit nadiaalbano.com
Images by Natasha Novakovic and courtesy of Nadia Albano Style Inc

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