Location: The Pavilion at Lincoln Center
Front Row: Whoopi Goldberg and Leigh Lezark
Must Have Item: Fitted long sleeve gown in powder blue

Inspired by her Puerto Rican heritage, Stella Nolasco’s Spring Summer 2015 collection seemed to blossom with its beautiful colour palette of soft tropical blues, greens, and ivory. Stella used a lot of lace throughout her collection, which balanced her occasional use of sequin and embellishments well.

The collection was mainly formfitting, with the exception of three stunning ball gowns. She also showed two sets of patterned shorts, which made us dream of cocktails on the beach.

The collection was feminine and sexy. The tailored pieces were impeccably constructed and the styling was exceptional. The models wore simple makeup and low chignons, which has been a familiar look throughout the season.

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