On hot summer days, one of my favourite ways to refresh is with BE Coconut water. Not only is BE Coconut water delicious, it’s packed with electrolytes. It’s the perfect way to hydrate after soaking in the sun or to add to smoothies for extra flavour and nutrition.

Be2There are so many options when choosing a coconut water at the grocery store. The number 1 reason BE is my go to coconut water? The fact it’s 100% natural. While other brands might add preservatives or even dilute their product, BE is 100% pure coconut water.

Their coconuts are sourced from Southern Thailand where the climate and environment are ideal for harvesting naturally sweet and nutritious coconuts. The further the coconuts have to travel, the less fresh the coconut water will be. For this reason, BE Coconut’s farm and factory are located close to each other to ensure the purest and freshest tasting product.

BE has 3 other flavoured coconut waters including Pomegranate, Aloe and Mango (Although the original is still my favourite!)
BeCoconut Cans
I have quite a few friends who simply just don’t like the taste of coconut water. This summer, I discovered an alternative – SEVA Maple Water.

Produced by the same company as BE, SEVA Maple Water is created from 100% pure organic maple sap and has a range of of nutritional benefits. It has a light and refreshing flavour with a hint of maple sweetness. The product was just launched this Spring and already has a loyal fan base.

Seva1SEVA Maple Water is tapped directly from the sugar maple trees of Quebec’s Laurentian Forest. There is no added water, sugar or preservatives. The only ingredient in SEVA Maple Water is 100% pure Canadian certified organic maple sap.


SEVA Maple Water is eco-friendly, certified organic and NAPSI Certified, guaranteeing its authenticity and purity among other high standards.

SEVA is currently available at retailers across Canada, in the United States at Whole Foods Market (Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada and Hawaii), and in Europe and Asia Pacific.


So next time you’re looking for a refreshing beverage, take my recommendation and try BE or SEVA maple water. You won’t be disappointed!


Words by Lyndi Barrett
Photos courtesy of Idea! WorldWide


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