WHO Tessa Sam
WHAT Baker, cake designer, business owner
Vancouver, B.C.

sweet_20sweet_22What led you to pursue a career in baking?
Iʼve always loved baking but, of course, I went to school for radio and television broadcasting instead of pastry school. I landed an amazing job as a morning co-host at a major radio station in Victoria and was so unhappy that I left and dove head-first into baking.

sweet_18sweet_19Congratulations on the launch of your bakery, Sweet Bake Shop! Tell us about your bakery.
Thank you! Sweet Bake Shop is a boutique little bakery in Yaletown, serving pretty and delicious desserts for the sweetest of occasions. Itʼs pink from top to bottom, with girly accents everywhere in the shop!

sweet_26sweet_25sweet_28We love the branding of Sweet Bake Shop. What inspires you and your brand?
Iʼm a girly-girl at heart, so I draw inspiration from items my day to day life. Iʼm obsessed with tea-cups, lace table cloths, pretty wall paper, vintage lighting, sprinkles…the list goes on. These things inspire my designs and my brand on a daily basis.

sweet_29sweet_48sweet_50What career accomplishment are you most proud of?
Definitely opening my bake shop – it was a dream for years. I honestly did not think it would happen this year, but it did, and Iʼm so happy that we finally have a storefront location in my neighbourhood – Yaletown!

sweet_14sweet_02sweet_21Youʼve created so many beautiful custom cakes and cookies. What has been one of your favourite project youʼve done?
Thank you! I really love our pearl cakes, and we had the pleasure of creating 200 mini pearl cakes, individually boxed up as guest favours for wedding guests. It was a lot of work, but they were so cute!

sweet_10sweet_27What is the best thing about owning your own bakery/business?
Being free to make creative decisions without consulting anyone is always great!

sweet_59sweet_51Do trends influence your product selection?
Trends donʼt really influence our product – thankfully!

What is your favourite product in the store? (not edible)
Iʼm currently obsessed with the tassel cake toppers from our friend Amy at Confetti & Co. They are the perfect addition to any cake!

sweet_55sweet_03sweet_05sweet_56What is your favourite sweet treat in the shop?
Iʼm torn. Itʼs between our decorated sugar cookies, peanut butter sandwich cookies and our vanilla buttermilk cupcakes.

sweet_47sweet_54sweet_58How do you keep from eating all of the delicious baked goods you create?!
I donʼt! I mean, I donʼt go crazy and eat every little thing in sight, but I definitely spend my day taste-testing little bites of different desserts as I go.

SBS 8sweet_36Who would you most like to bake for?
I would have loved to have baked for Julia Child – I love her cookbooks.

sweet_11sweet_49What is your favourite ingredient to use in your baking?
I have two favourite ingredients: sprinkles and really good vanilla extract!

sweet_17sweet_53What advice do you have for our readers about making your dream job a reality?
Make sure itʼs something you want to do every singe day, be prepared to work hard, stay focused, set goals and never, ever let someone convince you that your dream isnʼt possible!



Earl Grey Cream tea with a splash of milk

Iʼm all about being at home when I want to relax.
Sitting on the couch in cozy sweats with a glass of wine in my hand and my dog beside me is perfect.

Vanilla Buttermilk, all the way!

London, UK

Gourmet Warehouse

Thanks for a sugary sweet day Tessa!
For more information on Sweet Bake Shop, visit sweetbakeshop.com

Photos by Natasha Novakovic
Tessa’s makeup by Jasmine Hoffman

Interview by Lyndi Barrett


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