Eco Fashion Week’s Day 2 of shows all featured clothes purchased from Value Village. The Thrift Chic Challenge was a trend-focused event where three stylists are given a $500 allowance to create ten runway worthy outfits using only gently-used clothing from Value Village.

Local stylists had the opportunity to submit their portfolio to Eco Fashion Week to win one of the three designer spots. The top ten looks were judged by a team from Value Village, West Coast Editor of Fashion Magazine, Joy Pecknold and fans of Eco Fashion Week via Facebook. Following the judging the scores were tallied to select the three stylists who made the cut – Lauren Clark and Lyndsey Chow of Hey Jude, Jerome Insorio and Ghazal Elhaei.

We were incredible impressed by the beautiful outfit sourced from Value Village. We also loved the diversity in the style of the 3 presentations. We interviews the stylists after the show to learn more about their experience.


What was your inspiration for your Value Village sourced collection?
“MAN UP” is a reflection of the men and the aesthetics that have shaped a generation. From the classic charm of Frank Sinatra, the sex appeal of Marlon Brando and the power behind men like Cary Grant and Gregory Peck, comes forth the inspiration for this collection. Collectively, each man possesses a charm that ignited a spark. With this collection, I wanted the men in the audience to leave inspired and the women to leave feeling charmed. To take a moment to value tradition and modern aesthetic through an attainable medium: thrifting. It’s understanding how garments fit, and looking to your own wardrobe to recreate the looks. We all have the potential and the skill set. Sometimes, it’s just about a fresh perspective.

1902931_10152155715582663_5036875861782975730_n-1What look / garment was your favourite?
It’s hard to pick a favourite, as each look really resonates with me. I was so lucky to have such a diverse group of models to represent the clothing on the runway as well. If I had to pick though: the pastel blue suit with the dark cobalt button-up, printed scarf and brown perforated shoes was sharp and my top pick – it helps that Finlay from Lizbell Agency really brought it to life.

What did you enjoy most about the process of styling your collection? 
Discovering the world of menswear. This is the first time I’ve ventured into tackling menswear with full force and I learned so much. Not only about men’s sizing, and garments but about myself and my abilities. I honestly didn’t think I had it in me to bring forward such a cohesive collection. I’m really proud of what came out of this entire experience. Oh – and I got to shop non-stop. That was a definite bonus for a shopaholic like myself.

G1What was the most challenging part of putting the collection together?
I would honestly say the wait. I had a pretty good grasp on the sizing and after my third shop, I started getting the overall colour palette and aesthetic down and it was just waiting to see how it would all come together on the runway. I’m not a very patient person, especially when it comes to sharing such a beautiful project. It was definitely worth the wait though.10151818_10152155714702663_706697258154252978_nWhat was your inspiration for the hair and make up?
I wanted to keep the looks clean and minimalist. La Biosthetique has a great range of products that allow you to have a simple finish or a full face. I wanted to utilize the products to the best of their abilities. How I wanted the clothes to be attainable, I wanted the hair and makeup looks equally available for the audience to be inspired by. You don’t need to go overboard with your beauty look to complete your look. Sometimes, less really is more and can polish off your outfit perfectly.

What was your best find at Value Village?
There was a Dior Sportswear jacket that I found for $18. It is in perfect condition and really sat beautifully on Danica from Richards International. I screamed in Value Village when I found it, people probably thought I was crazy. Haha.


10153270_10152157934987663_1473190181888278076_nINTERVIEW WITH JEROME INSORIO

What was your inspiration for your Value Village sourced collection?
The inspiration behind the collection is a well traveled woman who somehow manages to look put-together without putting the effort and also does not have the time. The accessories are based on pieces she may have accumulated from travelling with the appreciation of craftsmanship and culture from places she has travelled to like Tibet.

10303755_10152155940462663_2276936449573490828_nWhat look / garment was your favourite?
My favourite look would probably be the last outfit with Kirsten H. wearing the green silk pants with embroidered flowers paired with the button up shirt and accessorized with the coral houndstooth-scarf with the green border and stone necklace. As for my favourite piece, it’d have to be the silk scarf Elizabeth was wearing on look 7. It is an homage piece to my best friend, Pearl. On fitting day, which is the day before the show, we tried to play around with the accessories and the scarf for some reason Pearl and I thought did not quite go as well with the outfits since I’ve pre-planned the necklaces on the outfits already. She told me to just edit it out of the collection but I thought I’d add it in the collection about an hour before the show as a little nod to her since she started to dislike it.

What did you enjoy most about the process of styling your collection? 
What I enjoyed about styling the collection is gradually seeing it all come together. I knew that there was no way that it would all come together after just a few visits from Value Village which also tested my patience.

What was the most challenging part of putting the collection together? 
The most challenging part of the show is finding the right pair of shoes. We all know how important shoes are and how the wrong pair can ruin an outfit. I did not find the 7th pair of shoes until the 27th of April. phew!-BIyCQ-fNS5Aa3WqDpLTdRx3QUAo9xophGeJa-60mPg,rF2VACC2Pxt9kNtJUiUS2nmAzSsin_zTpIAV5ZokrhU,8il20IR_0D_QsSJ822weft3GDiV3UMhdJu1GQkO6KhkWhat was your inspiration for the hair and make up?
As for the hair and makeup. I kept it very simple and relevant to the idea of the chic adventurer that she is. loose up-do’s with texture that shows motion and movement and an ombre lip for a hint of colour.

What was your best find at Value Village? 
Other than the Max Mara skirt I used for the collection, I found two leather Rugby bags while shopping for the Thrift Chic Challenge! I am the biggest fan of M0851.


1797359_10152156307067663_1770299386293691634_nINTERVIEW WITH LAUREN AND LYNDSEY OF HEY JUDE

What was your inspiration for your Value Village sourced collection?
We wanted to do something that was fun and different than our past Eco Fashion Week runway shows. We were also really open to letting our concept change as we were shopping and seeing what stood out to us! We knew we wanted to work with pastels but were leaning towards more of a tropical theme. We kept finding these amazing metallic pieces when we were shopping and not having any luck with good prints so we changed direction from our original plan. As with our other collections; it just kind of inspired itself.


What look/garment was your favorite?
We LOVE the ostrich plume jacket we got. It was also the most expensive piece we found so we had to go a bit cheaper on other items, like shoes and jewelry. We also really liked the all white mens look. It was our first time styling mens which was a lot of fun. We’ll definitely be diving deeper into that market. One of our favorite over all looks was the cream silk t-shirt that was paired with the purple skirt that went past the knee. The skirt was actually a size 16 and we folded it over and stitched the top to make it fit properly. The silhouette of that look was definitely reminiscent of our last runway show and spoke more to our personal styles.

What did you enjoy most about the process of styling your collection?
I think seeing the whole thing come together was the most exciting! We visited 17 Value Villages to find all the pieces throughout BC and Washington. We didn’t have the option to return or exchange most of our pieces so we really had to be sure of what we were buying and also got creative with the pieces we had.

What was the most challenging part of putting the collection together?
The most challenging part was when we left one of our bags we purchased in Langley! We’d already been to a few stores that day and were completely beat and only ended up grabbing half of our purchases on the way out! We realized a week later when we were unpacking all of our bags. Luckily, we went back there the next day and the staff was super helpful and understanding and we were able to find most of it and replace the rest! It was definitely the most stressful part of it all because that bag had some of our best finds in it!B66lnVd6y6gMOzylKtI8Wx_eOI13fGPDcCJ1eLNqZEs,_DM6Qf007UYNmAkcKZIIX65ka_6DpeYQuNmvIPWfTh4,1uv7e6D7eSIEO4IdBKUVWAzt61QIQg6yBz3EjhR2oHQ

What was your inspiration for the hair and makeup?
We knew we wanted to work with pastels but didn’t want the trend to come off too girly and pretty. We wanted to create a juxtaposition between these gorgeous flowing fabrics and a grungier, more edgy hair and makeup styling for a really street style type of vibe.

What was your best find at Value Village?
We were really happy with all the jewelry we were able to find! We knew we wanted to find interesting pieces and stick to a silver palette but didn’t expect for it all to come out so cohesive. Of course that feather jacket was a score, and we were also really excited about the pastel jumpsuit and the silver leather miniskirt. But honestly, most of our looks were created with a combination of regular items! So we had our specific list of what we were looking for and we’d find a white pair of shorts that fit and we’d be SO happy and fist pumping/victory dancing. I guess it doesn’t take much to make us happy!



Images via Eco Fashion Week
Backstage images by Natasha Novakovic



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