Tom Ford has just launched their cosmetics and skin care line at Holt Renfrew. The line boasts a variety of cosmetics including The Color Collection, The Flawless Complexion, as well as the Purifying Complex which features cleansers and treatments.

The brand has officially launched in Vancouver amongst other select cities around the world. The Style Calling team was given the opportunity to spend some time with the team at the Tom Ford Beauty Counter, located in the beauty department of Holt Renfrew.

Tom Ford Beauty Vancouver 2014 (1)The Space
Bright and richly-toned, the Tom Ford Beauty retail environment is designed to have the feel of a spacious salon. Ivory surfaces are juxtaposed with Makassar Ebony wood; gray-tinted mirrors accentuated with polished chrome, and clean, linear furnishings. This palette is warmed with touches of gold – a nod to the gold detail and branding on Tom Ford Beauty packaging. The mood is inviting, seductive and unmistakably Tom Ford.

TOM FORD BEAUTY VANCOUVER 2014 (3)The Color Collection
Each shadow palette presents a key pigment with complimentary shades that can allow clients to create a basic day look to a glamourized evening look. With decadent pigments,  and tones of vanilla, cognac and bronze along. The lacquers, lip colours, liners and cheek palettes were equally delectable as well.

Il-8vB5pL5LW4drz6gE4FCiNYAo5K4ArbUkqXh8bZ-U,HJhqfRmFk8hXCNyhNSNYwpqQl6sH6CPVbnMEcWE7KEg,tE-vEJilr_bObGMNs3GeJCBYl6tD08GFDJj4Z2RaVD4The Flawless Complexion
Having a solid foundation to your beauty look is essential. Tom Ford Beauty includes a selection of essential illuminating and sculpting product range to help change and enhance your features. Tom Ford believes “a woman should prime her complexion and sculpt her bone structure’s appearance by illuminating and shadowing the face.” The variety of products allow for simple, clean looks and dramatic looks to be brought to life.

tom-ford-foundationThe Brushes
Tom Ford created twelve essential makeup brushes for the face, eyes, cheeks and lips. These tools combine natural and synthetic fibres, boast rich mahogany brown handles and are incredibly easy to handle. The brush line-up includes an eye shadow brush, eye shadow blend brush, eye shadow contour brush, smokey eye brush, eyeliner and definer brush, shadow and concealer brush, foundation brush, cream foundation brush, cheek brush, shade and illuminate brush, bronzer brush and lip brush.

82Yp0SwvUe25pF3VxJk2KglrkomjjKLhU5430T904ok,imuUHGjswWVWQ0I0hLRlHT3hD4d6dbo6YwxXiQ_UqoQ,XnAmtqRt-NmLnR7Kl4MHnjoWT122GRNe-tsCbDHF3hkThe Purifying Complex
The key to mastering your beauty looks is understanding that keeping your skin healthy and rejuvenated is just as important as creating a beautiful finished look. The brand provides a variety of cleansers, treatments, and primers that provide the skin with a radiant finish. The cleansers brighten up the face and eliminate toxins by combining a European plant extract with Chinese herbs to promote purification and reduce irritating environmental pollutants. The treatments and primers infuses skin with a potent combination of specially selected nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural repair mechanisms.

Tom Ford fragrances are inspired by perfumery’s glamorous past, when the world’s most expensive and precious ingredients were used to create one-of-a-kind scents of sophistication and luxury.

The Tom Ford Neroli Portofino collection continues the story of the original Neroli Portofino fragrance with two new fragrances, Mandarino di amali and Costa azzurra. The Mandarino Di Amalfi fragrance aims to capture the calm idyll of the whitewashed villas dotting the cliff sides of Amalfi.  The Costa Azzurra fragrance evokes the sun-baked landscape of coastal and island Mediterranean woods, where pines and oaks mingle with wild-growing herbs and salty water.

The fragrances are presented in glass bottles coloured in complementary shades of sea and sky blue. All three bottles are labelled with a gold plaque and are packed in matching Private Blend outer cartons.

TOM FORD BEAUTY VANCOUVER 2014 (2)For more information on Tom Ford Beauty, visit

To book your appointment at The Holt Renfrew Tom Ford Beauty counter,
Call 604 681-3121 ext 71509


Photographs by Natasha Novakovic
and courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty


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