Contributor Melanie Aytac attends the Veronica Smirnoff viewing at ERARTA gallery in London UK. 

Veronica’s paintings are a combination of folklore, pre-renaissance and asian elements, where past meets present. Her technique is a traditional Russian one of egg tempura in layered surfaces that is textured and eventually sanded down. Like a landscape or photograph some layers become more translucent or raised than others creating a peice you can’t quite walk away from. Built on supporting boards that are blessed through Russian monestaries you can feel the energy behind every effort made.


‘My working process is influenced by themes of transition, displacement and belonging, altered memories charged with personal experience of the complexity of present-day global reality.’ – Veronica Smirnoff


Veronica was born in Moscow in 1979, studied in and is currently based in London. She has shown her works in galleries across the world including, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, New York, and London and was selected for the acclaimed John Moores Painting Prize UK in 2010.

Would-be-Worlds is on view at ERARTA gallery in London until July 19th – If you happen to be in the area it is definitely worth seeing. ERARTA Galleries can be found in Zurich, New York, Saint Petersburg and Hong Kong.

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Words by Melanie Aytac


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